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Pterodactyl Jones is a P.I. who is accompanied by the ghost of a pterodactyl named Harvey. He has been portrayed by Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, and Mark Gagliardi.

Jonesy speaks like a noir narrator, moodily piling metaphor atop metaphor like coal into a locomotive engine until the whole thing heats up and takes off and by then you don't even know where you started but hey, you're enjoying the ride. He is accompanied by a burst of noir music.


Jones and Frank used to be heavy hitters in the supernatural scene, but their association ended under circumstances that have not been revealed. Jones and Harvey were best man and best dinosaur at Frank and Sadie's wedding. 

Harvey was caught and eaten by a leprechaun while PJ was working as the house detective at the Opal Hotel, and though he escaped oblivion when the leprechaun exploded, his return violated afterlife laws and he was taken away from Jones again. Jones went to hell and back (the New Jersey Hell, to be specific) for him, but to no avail. Last word was that Harvey was in Wisconsin.

Jones briefly gave up the supernatural lifestyle (and dames, and alcohol) to become a mailman. He was accused of a murder, but Frank and Sadie helped to exonerate him.

PJ is currently trying to make things work with Karina, a gorgon who he is romantically entangled with.


  • Pterodactyl Jones
  • PJ (or "peej")
  • Jonesy
  • Peter Jones
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  • Norman Cottentail-Water