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Professor Genius is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars .  Professor Genius has been played by Nick Kroll, Danny Pudi, Samm Levine and Keegan-Michael Key.


Professor Genius is a Science Being from the SK System who visits Mars for research with his cousin,Adjunct Professor Genius. He is the inventor of the Inversification Ray, which turns things inside out.  He is small and furry, and has cheek-brows.  He is also a bit of a gossip.

After his spaceship is lassoed by Sparks Nevada for invading Mars' airspace and not having the proper permits, Professor Genius is antagonistic to Sparks and Croach the Tracker. He disregards Sparks' authority and encourages Adjunct Professor Genius to shoot the women of the Lynchtree family with the Inversification Ray.  Instead, Croach jumps in front of the ray, but quickly recovers due to his Nah Nohtek.  As Croach is fine, Sparks allows the Science Beings to leave without repercussion.  Just as they leave, Genius notes to his cousin that Mars will be destroyed within a few days.

Professor Genius returns, having obtained proper permits, and becomes a tenuous ally during the return of The Halley's Comet Gang, who are responsible for the aforementioned destruction.

After Sparks is shot with the Inversifier by Lycos Bill, Professor Genius helps keep Sparks alive with a contraption he carries in his spaceship.  He and the Preacher have a theological discussion which almost results in Sparks' death.