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Pleasure Beings are a subset of virus-infection humans and other species in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

History & Physiology

Pleasure Beings are not their own race, rather they are humans and other sentient beings which have been infected by the Pleasure Being Virus.  The Pleasure Being Virus is a new strain of the MurderMen virus.

The Pleasure Being home is also in the Violens Nebula .

Pleasure Beings are just as bloodthirsty as MurderMen, but choose to kill their victims with pleasure instead of violent murder.  The virus travels via nanotech and nanos appear to be able to travel via air to infect others.

Those infected with and cured of the MurderMen virus are not only immune to the MurderMen virus, but also the Pleasure Being virus as well.

Notable Pleasure Beings