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The Pinkertron Intergalactic Tech Support Agency is a subsidiary of Nth Multiglobal.  

Nth Multiglobal employs more tech support agents than there are members of the standing army of the United Solar System Alliance. It is the largest private operating manual enforcement organization in the solar system. Its operatives are relentless in their dogged pursuit of systematic compliance.

Pinkertron is the company for which The Troubleshooter and other Pinkertron Tech Support Agents such as Spencer Cogswell III work.

Support Agents

Tech Support Agents are dispatched after tickets have been entered by end-users.  They are authorized to issue citations, fix issues in the tech they are dispatched to investigate, and, if necessary, use force against both the tech and in response to people using force against the agent.

Tech Support Agents also fought in the front lines in the war against the MurderMen.  They had the tech that fried the bad nano causing MurderMan-ism.


  • 11-11 - electronically altering the manufacturer warranty on an electronic device and then using it in ways contrary than intended use


  • Although in the episode Hal Lublin says the name as "Pinkerton", per Ben Acker , the name is Pinkertron.
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