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Phillip Fathom as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Phillip Fathom is the central character in Phillip Fathom, Deep Sea Detective, and also a often recurring character in The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam. Phillip Fathom is portrayed by Hal Lublin, excepting his first appearance played by Christopher Meloni.


Phillip Fathom is the marquee hero of the underwater city of Aquapolis. His base of operations is Justice Cove. Aided by his group of sidekicks, Phillip Fathom's Investigateens, he fights undersea crime and land-based enemies alike.

He is the sub-aquatic darkness. He is the Abyssopelagic layer. He exerts the pressure of justice on the metazoic creatures who lurk in the deep. He is the hero the ocean deserves.

He is your semiamphibious knight.




  • Fish Hearing - He can hear Captain Laserbeam's Adventurekateer Distress Call.
  • Illicium - A bioluminescent filament extending from his head that lures foes closer in the deep sea darkness

Gadgets and Equipment

  • Fisherangs - These long-range weapons are useful both for fighting and destroying deathtraps.
  • Handcuffs - For cuffing hands.
  • San Andreas Trenchcoat - Stores Phillip Fathom's many weapons and gadgets
  • Aquamputer - For running scenarios.
  • Fishnet - Used for catching enemies--and traitorous allies.



Non-Canonical Appearances

Behind the Scenes

Phillip Fathom is one of the most recent breakout characters in the Thrilling Adventure Hour, due in no small part to Hal Lublin's fantastic Christian Bale-styled voice acting. Fathom has spun off onto a segment in both the OGN and the 2012 Christmas special in addition to frequent appearances in Captain Laserbeam episodes.

Hal has said in interviews that doing the Fathom voice does very little damage to his throat, but the sheer amount of oxygen needed to project makes him dizzy after a long speech.