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Pembroke Cartwright is a greenhorn who hires Sparks Nevada and the Barkeep to escort himself, his daughter and his three Hypercattle on a Cattle Drive.  Pembroke is portrayed by Andy Richter.  He has a daughter, Alex Cartwright. He is referred to as "Cookie" by Sparks Nevada as he is the cook on the hypercattle drive.  He then calls himself "The Earth Kid" before settling on "The Dad Kid" as his cowboy name.


Pembroke mentions that he is a famous Quantum Gastronomy chef back on Earth and still runs several famous restaurants.  He hires Sparks and The Barkeep for the cattledrive as Sparks is famous, even on Earth.

In Hypercattle Overdrive, when Highwayman Dan threatens his life and the life of his daughter, Pembroke finds the hero within to punch out Highwayman Dan and save the day.