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Pembroke Cartwright is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by Andy Richter.  


Pembroke is a greenhorn who hires Sparks Nevada and the Barkeep to escort himself, his daughter and his three hypercattle on a Cattle Drive. He is referred to as "Cookie" by Sparks Nevada as he is the cook on the hypercattle drive.  He then calls himself "The Earth Kid" before settling on "The Dad Kid" as his cowboy name.  He has a daughter, Alex Cartwright

Pembroke mentions that he is a famous Quantum Gastronomy chef, known for his foams, back on Earth and still runs several famous restaurants.  He hires Sparks and The Barkeep for the cattle drive as Sparks is famous, even on Earth.

In Hypercattle Overdrive, when Highwayman Dan threatens his life and the life of his daughter, Pembroke finds the hero within to punch out Highwayman Dan and save the day. 

In Mortified on Mars, Pembroke joins in on singing "Riding the Galactic Trail" around the campfire, then expresses doubt about sleeping with the bandint Highwayman Dan in their camp.  The next day, he is proven correct when NiceMan Dan had infiltrated the camp, rustled his cattle, retrieved his son and took the Barkeep as hostage.

NiceMan Dan had tied the Barkeep to a nearby tree, and the cattle about a mile away.  He tells Sparks he can save the Barkeep, but he is taking the cows. Sparks says no deal, and unties the Barkeep.  NiceMan Dan removes the gravity in the area, so everyone starts to float away. Both father and son have jetpacks, so they soon leave to finish rustling the hypercattle.

Everyone latches together, but keep floating away into the atmosphere.  The Barkeep then realizes Pembroke has several cans of foams in his cooking satchel, and they use the pressure in the foam cans to float themselves back to the ground, so Pembroke and his foams saved the day.

The episode ends there, it's unknown whether the Cartwrights ever got their hypercattle back.

In Dinner and a Groovy, The Barkeep explains that the pallea he is cooking is the Earth Kid's recipe, suggesting that Pembroke eventually settled on The Earth Kid as his cowboy name.