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Patriot Brand Cigarettes is a fictional brand of cigarettes that is one of the sponsors of the Thrilling Adventure Hour.


Jefferson Reid, Ace American 1

Jefferson Reid, Ace American 1 (TAH #3) pauses for a word from Patriot Brand Cigarettes after Act 1.

Thomas Jefferson

A Famous Voice

Ace and Mr. President

Ace and Mr. President (TAH #21) pauses for a word from Patriot Brand Cigarettes.


Washington DC


The Patriot Brand jingles were written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.

Patriot Brand

"Start off your day light up the American way
Those founding fathers picked a crop
That launched our nation to the top
Smoke smoke smoke for Uncle Sam

Pledge you allegiance
To Patriot Brand."

Patriot Brand Elites

"Oh to be, in the high society
A string of pearls and evening gown
About to step out on the town
But I don't leave my penthouse suite
Unless I'm packing
A pack of Elites.

The air is rare, I'm sorry life's not fair
Let common folk take common tokes
While we smoke the champagne of smokes
Let's take a stroll down easy street
All the high rollers 
Are smokin' Elites."