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Adventurekateer Patrick as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Patrick Salvadore Wong (Craig Cackowski) is one of Captain Laserbeam's Adventurekateers. He is fat. But he stands up for himself.


Patrick monitors police scanners and sounds the distress signal in the Adventurekateer Clubhouse. He collects sea shells and has a favorite conch, enjoys a good lunch-dessert, and he knows the number for jail (his dad's in there). He's also savvy enough to leave notes when he's in distress.

Tinker Taylor kidnapped him, declaring him to be the weakest of his superhero's assistants, but Patrick considers himself to be middle of the pack.

Patrick has recently had a surgery (unknown if it's related to his orthodontia), for which there was a silent action fundraiser. He's also allergic to monkey dander.

Patrick's Fate

In From Time to Time, Patrick has realized his low status in the Adventurekateer pecking order, and had followed Phillip Fathom to a building wherein K of the Cosmos had transported Colonel Tick-Tock, Dorothy Parker and Amelia Earhart for some cross-dimensional fun and Whimsy. When K is easily defeated by Fathom, K sends the out-of-place heroes back to their home dimensions after Fathom leaves.

K then sees Patrick remains, and recalls that Patrick had wished upon a star K had been hanging out on. He sends Patrick after Colonel Tick-Tock to be his sidekick and have fabulous adventures.


Non-Canonical Appearances


Behind the Scenes

Ben Acker's one-word character direction to Craig Cackowski about Patick ('Fatter.') has become mildly legendary.