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Part Two is the second episode of Tales From the Black Lagoon.


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Picking up where Part One left off, Ben Chapman makes his way to the house of Clayton Moore, where he and others are still half-drunk or fully hung-over from the night before.  When Clayton opens the door to Ben, he quickly decides that Chapman is his horse, Silver, and rides him into the next room where John Wayne is waiting in a kimono, boots, and spurs.  Ben tries to ask about “Diane” but is steamrolled by John and Clayton.  

They give Ben two apples and lead him out to the back yard where Ben is instructed to hold up the apples for John and Clayton to shoot at.   Ben refuses to cooperate until they explain who Diane was.   Annoyed, Clayton Moore says that she’s Diane Chaney, daughter of Lon Chaney Jr., who played the Wolfman.   Having answered Ben’s question, John and Clayton begin shooting at the apples, but no bullets hit them, or Ben, as both western stars are terrible shots.  

Unfortunately, the shots draw the attention of the police, and Ben takes off westward, to discover more about Diane Chaney. 

Quotable Lines

Clayton Moore: Are you ‘Silver’ or what? I vote yes. 

Ben Chapman: Now I’d heard about some of the behavior at some of these Hollywood parties. Everybody knew about Fatty Arbuckle back in the 20’s, of course.  But the sins and felonies of a lot of stars got lost to history and publicists. Oh, like the time Jimmy Stewart was caught buying opium from those 12 year old twins. Or how Danny Kaye got those burn scars on his buttox. Perfect circles! Or how Lucille Ball’s wedding band wound up in Liz Taylor’s... possession. 

Clayton Moore: Hold ‘em [the apples] up, Silver! Wayne and me are gonna shoot ‘em like that guy from that Overture they play about me! 



This episode was recorded and engineered in studio by Eban Schletter. It was released on February 28, 2011.