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Part Four is an episode of Tales From the Black Lagoon.


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Ben makes it back to the Universal International lot, where he runs into Jay Silverheels. Ben says he’s there to see Angela Lansbury, but Jay tries to convince Ben to turn himself in, and that running will only make him look guiltier.  Jay goes on to say that if Ben turns himself in answers all of the police’s questions, his name will be cleared.  

Ben lies and tells Jay that he’ll turn himself in, without seeing Lansbury first.

Chapman makes his way to Angela Lansbury’s dressing room, but again he is briefly distracted, this time by the silent comedian, Harpo Marx.  Marx is unwilling to let Chapman to pass before Angela calls him off.  

Angela allows Ben in and tries to play it cool, but Ben is having none of it.  When she lightly accuses him of murdering Diane, Ben snaps. Even when she points a gun at him, he is not deterred.  He smacks the gun out of her hand, and eventually she breaks down sobbing, telling him he won’t like the answer to his question of who killed Diane.  

The next thing Ben knows, he’s on the floor, with Harpo Marx’s foot on his throat.  

It is then that Angela says Tonto is the one who murdered Diane.  



This episode was recorded and engineered in studio by Eban Schletter. It was released on May 1, 2011.