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Part Five is an episode of Tales From the Black Lagoon.


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Ben Chapman is in a state of shock upon learning that Jay Silverheels might have killed Diane.  He doesn’t quite want to believe it. In a daze, he wanders onto the Lone Ranger set.  Clayton Moore spots him and immediately calls him “Silver,” and offers him a sugar cube.  Ben asks Clayton where Jay is.  Clayton starts ranting about how great “Tonto” is, and brags that Tonto slept with Diane before she died. Clayton Moore clearly couldn’t care less about Ben’s search, and jumps onto his back, begging for another ride to impress Daisy the Script Girl.  

Just then, Jay appears. Ben bucks Clayton off his back, and Clayton threatens to get security.  

Jay is upset that Ben hasn’t turned himself in; Ben is upset that Jay won’t deny killing Diane.  Instead, he confesses that he does not want to step down from his role as Tonto, presumably because it’s the best role he’s likely to get in a racist Hollywood. 

Chapman is arrested and spends the night in prison, only to be sprung out the next day by a “brick wall” of a lawyer.  His suspicion is up as Ben is driven back to the Universal lot.  

The lawyer shoves a gun into Ben’s back and tries to force him up a flight of stairs.  Tired of being pushed around, Chapman kicks the lawyer down the stairs and takes his gun.  He then continues upward, on his own terms.

Ben opens the door on Milton Rackmil, head of Universal Studios.  

Rackmil then reveals his plan: Jay Silverheels was to kill Diane, and after clearing Ben’s name, they’d pin the murder on a nobody and then Ben would be a big star! Which is everything he’s ever wanted, right? 

Ben realizes he doesn’t want to be a star, not of this is the price he must pay.  He makes his peace with the Creature, tells Rackmil no, and tries to walk out.

Rackmil shouts that Ben will walk out “Over my dead body!” On this cue, Ben fires the gun and hits Rackmil in the side.

Ben leaves and wanders onto another set, a Ma and Pa Kettle picture, this time.  Although he’s in the deep background and barely visible, it’s his favorite picture he’s ever done.  He reflects on this, the Creature, and how in Hollywood, truth is always stranger than fiction.  

Quotable Lines

Jay Silverheels: Everything I have done, I have done for us.
Ben Chapman: That makes no sense, Jay! I’m a fugitive! 
Jay Silverheels: I am playing my part.  You have gone off of the script. 
Ben Chapman: Who’s script? Who’s directing?! Did someone put you up to this? Who is running us around, Jay?!

Ben Chapman: Yeah, I shot him.  In the side! I’m not a monster, I’m not a hero, either. 

Ben Chapman: No matter who you are, when the final credits roll, everything fades to black. 




This episode was recorded and engineered in studio by Eban Schletter. It was released on June 5, 2011.