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Orna Peganu is a bounty hunter in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  She is played by Autumn Reeser.  


Orna once lead an entire gang of bounty hunters, but quit the gang for unknown reasons. She appears The Sad, Sad Song of Widow Johnson, Part Three in an attempt to capture the unknown quarry, who she describes as the most dangerous criminal in twenty solar systems, but is thwarted by Sparks Nevada. Before she can be arrested, Orna teleports away.  

The Red Plains Rider describes Orna as the lowest-down most orniest bounty hunter in space.  She prefers to disintegrate bounties rather than bring them in alive, despite the fact that there is little profit in disintegrated bounties.  

Orna and The Space Saloon, now going by the name La Diabla. were recruited by Mercy Laredo to help collect the bounty placed on Sparks Nevada's head by Techs Once Mercy realized that she still had feelings for Sparks, she shot and killed Orna, and took up bounty hunting with Sparks Nevada and Croach the Tracker.