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For the song of the same title, see On with the Show (song).

On with the Show is a special episode featuring most of the WorkJuice Players performing as most of their signature characters. It was a special segment and song celebrating the show's ninth anniversary.


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WorkJuice Players

Musical Guest Stars


This episode, a joint venture between WorkJuice Coffee and Patriot Brand Cigarettes, begins in an office park in Your Town, USA. Dan Bucatino says that people often ask him what the King of Coffee is really like.  Jib Janeen, playing the King of Coffee comes out, tries to get Bucatino to tell him his secrets.  He says his brother, Connie, has secrets, but Connie turns out to be the Barkeep, who threatens to call the Marshal, but Adventurekateer Chris arrives instead.  Chris gets annoyed with Jib Janeen and Patrick,  They think Captain Laserbeam has arrived, but it's really General Rex Flagwell, who thinks this is a nightmare created by the Nazis, but Nightmares the Clown says this is his doing instead.  

Sparks Nevada tells everyone to stand back, and asks if everyone is here, but Croach can't arrive because the Saloon Doors are closed.  Abby Adams blames what's happening on the dirty krauts, but Colonel Tick-Tock says someone's opened a rift in time and space.  Carlysle Ravencastle takes responsibility, but Phillip Fathom calls him a liar.  Phillip turns out to actually be Spooky Hal. Captain Laserbeam is alarmed at the changing characters.  

Croach says there's another human coming onto stage.  Banjo Bindlestuff hopes it's the Hobo Princess, and Gummy agrees that it probably will be and tells them to come out on the stage, as it's the Hobo Way.  Dorothy Parker wonders if she's the person who needs to come out on stage, but instead it's America's Sweetheart, Paget Brewster.  She says it's a lot of fun watching everyone play these characters, and Frank Doyle agrees with her.  He mistakes Paget for Sadie, as he's been drinking, but Paget says she's been drinking as well.  

Jay Silverheels says it'd be fun to sing a song about how much fun it is to be a part of WorkJuice and getting to play all of these fun characters. Sadie agrees it would be fun, and Paul starts off the song.


Paul F. Tompkins

Monthly, here at Largo
A theatrical farrago
Is on this stage for you all to enjoy

Marc Evan Jackson

But we, too, get something up here

Paget Brewster

A chance to disappear, dear

Hal Lublin

Into roles we don't usually employ

Annie Savage

So please grant us this indulgence
We can't wait to undertake

Mark Gagliardi

The strange voices that our mouths
Help us to make


On with the show!
We're singing faster cause we're eager to go

Phillip Fathom

We Deep Sea Detectives

Dorothy Parker

And mental defectives

Frank and Sadie Doyle

And characters for whom drinking
Is our sole objective


On with the show!

Colonel Tick-Tock

Colonel Tick-Tock for her Majesty's Timestream, you know


And sometimes "Halp!" I scream

Captain Laserbeam

I'm Captain Laserbeam!

(Music change to Captain Laserbeam theme)


Captain Laserbeam!
Captain Laserbeam!
Captain Laserbeam!

(Music change back to On with the Show)


So let's get on with the show!
Been here nine years

All (Except DiMaggio)

We've all had to play Adventurekateers!
John DiMaggio: Except me!


And if you need a good villain
Or a crazed maniac
We know the guy to call on
Is Urbaniak!

(Music change to Time to Pay Von Piper)

Romulus Von Piper

It's time to pay Von Piper!
2, 3, 4

(Music resumes On with the Show)


On with the show!

The Barkeep

I don't want no trouble in my place!

Croach the Tracker

I'm from G'loot Praktaw
And it's onus I owe!

K of the Cosmos

I'll spread such whimsy and mirth!

Sparks Nevada

It's okay, I'm from Earth!


Can we please get on with the show?
On with the show!

Dan Bucatino

This is my business I'm Dan Bucatino

Sadie Doyle

I'd rather be elsewhere enjoying a drink


We'll say all the words as written

Frank and Sadie Doyle

But our favorite is clink!


On with the show!
We have a guest star here who wants to play solo!

(Sara Watkins plays a violin solo)


Let's hear three rousing cheers
Hip Hip, Hooray!
Hip Hip, Hooray!
Hip Hip, Hooray!
To toast the next nine years
Then let's get on the with the show!
Let's get on with the show!


  • On with the Show is considered to be a non-canonical episode, and thus the appearances of characters from nearly every Thrilling Adventure Hour segment does not connect their various universes.



This episode was recorded at Largo on March 8, 2014 and released on March 14th, 2014.