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O'Toole's is one of two saloons in the main human town on Mars in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

The owner of O'Toole's is a man named O'Toole, played by Keegan-Michael Key in One Night at O'Tooles.  

O'Toole's is noted for having a reputation of a much tougher place than Mordecai Benmont Jiminy (the Barkeep 's) Space Saloon.  The Barkeep often encourages people to take any conflict they might have to O'Toole's in order to keep trouble out of his place.

O'Toole's used to host an open mic night, but it was cancelled for immoderate terribleness.

After the Space Saloon gained sentience, grew arms and legs and left Mars to become a bounty hunter, O'Toole's was the only saloon in town.  However, under the rule of marshal Techs, brawling was outlawed under penalty of getting shot, and O'Toole encouraged his patrons to be calm and not brawl by looking at a picture of an adorable puppy over the bar.  

Croach the Tracker, who had recently become a drunk after fulfilling his onus to Sparks Nevada, spent most of his time accruing tabulation at O'Toole's and paying it off by doing odd jobs around town.  Croach also claims that he was the cause of the rule against brawling.

When Sparks Nevada returned to town in One Night at O'Toole's, he met back up with Croach, as well as The Red Plains Rider and the Barkeep, who had all come to O'Toole's looking for a brawl. O'Toole instead called bounty hunter Mercy Laredo to arrest Sparks.  After a brief showdown, Sparks, Croach, Red and Barkeep escaped.  Although O'Toole's has been spoken of, it has not been seen since.