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Nikolai Nikola is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  He is played by Dave (Gruber) Allen.


Nikolai Nikola is a 127 year old scientist who is the true inventor of the Robot Fists.  He drew up the specs on a napkin, which was stolen and soon eaten by Alvina T. Ardison.  The original plan for Robot Fists was for kneading dough, but Ardison turned them into weapons.  He attempted to recover the plans from the sewage department using bribery, but failed.  

To exact his revenge many years later, Nikola invented glass robots, who, while beautiful and sentient, were also extremely fragile.  Instead of enacting his revenge by killing Ardison, Sparks Nevada was able to get Ardison to admit to stealing the plans for the robot fists and was promised recompense once Ardison was found guilty by the USSA

Ardison also confessed she stole an ice cream making laser from Nikola, which she repurposed into a freeze ray and she made a fortune off of.  The freeze ray helped the "wrong side" of a civil war win.