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Mr. Horner is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by Matt Gourley.

Prior to podcast canon, he fought in the War for Earth's Moon with Sparks Nevada.

In the episode Space-coach, Mr. Horner arranged for Cactoid Jim and the Red Plains Rider to escort him, along with Sebastian Dalton and Josiah Goodnight, across Mars so they could test the lava to see if it could be used for rocket fuel.

Unlike Mr. Dalton and Mr. Goodnight, Mr. Horner did not attempt to have his associates killed along the way in order to increase his share of the profits from their venture.  Instead, he contacted Sparks Nevada to arrange for the escort to keep safe, banking on his business partners to attempt the assassinations.  Mr. Horner was therefore legally able to keep the share of the profits of their venture for himself when Cactoid Jim and The Red Plains Rider arrested Mr. Dalton and Mr. Goodnight.

At the end of the Space-coach, Mr. Horner suggested to Cactoid Jim and The Red Plains Rider that Sparks Nevada didn't need to send both of them to guard the Space-coach, when one of the two could do the job.  He insinuated that Sparks had sent both of them in order to allow them to spend time together and possibly fall in love, just as Sparks had arranged for Mr. Horner to meet and fall in love with his wife, Lady Hucklebunny, years earlier.