Moonshine Holler

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This article is for the fictional location Moonshine Holler.  For the Thrilling Adventure Hour main segment page, see Down in Moonshine Holler.

Moonshine Holler is a fictional location which most hobos believe in, but none have ever seen.  Banjo Bindlestuff believes he might find the Hobo Princess in Moonshine Holler, though she has often been spotted in other, more realistic locations.

Curious Pete does not believe in Moonshine Holler, saying it's just a tale to get little hobo boys and girls to go to sleep.

Moonshine Holler Characteristics

Moonshine Holler is described as a paradise for all hobos. Here are the descriptors given to the location.

  • A sign declaring "Welcome to Moonshine Holler"
  • A river running through it made of pure sarsaparilla
  • The trees grow leaves of cigarettes
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