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Miles Kaward is the USSA's most decorated starcraft officer. He is portrayed by Alan Tudyk, and wears Mega-Tek armor, which can turn into a giant robot.


In Good Jim, Kaward was summoned by V’stalu of the Galaxium to help defeat Evil Cactoid Jim, who had been corrupted in his quest for perfection after being elected President of Earth in an alternate timeline. Chicky Sullivan and Sparks Nevada had convinced Jim to drop out of the election and have Chicky elected president instead, but Evil Future Jim was not so easily defeated, and banished Sparks Nevada, The Red Plains Rider and present day and yet uncorrupted Cactoid Jim into a wormhole so his evil plan could still be carried out.

V'stalu of the Galaxium, sharing Croach the Tracker's body, summoned the galaxy's three greatest remaining heroes to intercede: Miles Kaward, Pemily Stallwark and Mordecai Benmont Jiminy (The Barkeep). Kaward was blown up by Evil Jim in the confrontation, but was later brought back to life by The Barkeep when he was given The Force Galactic by V'stalu / Croach in order to defeat Evil Jim.

Kaward fought in the Second Star War (the fifth in the series).



In the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars episode "Space-iversary", the teleportman on the USS Indomitable has the surname Kaward. It is not known whether this Kaward is related to Miles Kaward or not, but as families are highly encouraged and nepotism is rampant in the USSA, it is very possible.