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Merriweather is Amelia Earhart's British manservant in Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer. She won Merriweather's services in a poker game. He is played by Mark Gagliardi.

Merriweather is an older gentleman with a big woolly mustache.


Merriweather served in the Great War (World War I) in Squad 209 of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force. He also fought many zombies in World War I and learned to kill them by shooting them in the head. He now works as the tail gunner in Amelia's plane, but he misses doing regular manservice and the safety of the ground.

In The Wild Blue Yonder, Merriweather assists Amelia in defeating the ghost of the Red Baron, including a small horde of zombies the Baron sends to their plane.

In Fab Chanukkah, Merriweather attempts to give Amelia a present for Christmas, but they are interrupted to go assist the Maccabees in 2nd century Jerusalem defeat a Nazi threat.