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McKinnon Cravely is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by John Hodgman.


McKinnon Cravely has been a Troubleshooter for over thirty five years, and is one of the most well known and respected Troubleshooters still working.

When The Saloon Doors started blocking all comms sent from Troubleshooter HQ to Ginny West, McKinnon Cravely was sent to Mars in order to investigate the matter. Cravely told The Saloon Doors that he had come for her, in order to troubleshoot the fact that she was stealing supplies from Sparks Nevada's hardware store, and also had once again developed intense love for Croach the Tracker.

The Doors confessed she and had stolen the hardware with the remnants of The Force Galactic she'd scraped up from her vents in order to create a robot Croach of her own. Realizing that the Nth corporation knew that she was glitchy, she blocked the comms sent to Ginny to troubleshoot her. Cravely told the Doors he would have to reset her, or replace her. Croach intervened, and instead created a nano-spore cloud to program his mimetic self in the saloon's inter-facial consciousness, in order to give the Doors a version of himself who would return her love.

Cravely allowed the procedure to take place, as he is a big believer in love. When the Doors appeared to be happy and less glitchy, he loaded the solution up to the Main Brain at Troubleshooter HQ, and left.