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This page is for relating information on Mayors in the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe.

In the Sparks Nevada universe, Mayors are individuals who govern not just towns, but often entire planets.

Mayors of Mars

All of Mars is governed by the Mayor of Mars at the time.  Mars has been governed by a Mayor at least as far back as when Simon Pure was the Marshal on Mars.

  • The unnamed mayor during A Comet's Tale episodes refused to reinstate emergency evacuation plans and escape pods per Sparks Nevada's request, as he claimed it would not instill confidence.
  • The names of all other Mars mayors are currently unknown.

Other Mayors

The information below is mostly collected from InCactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier - Mayors' Retreat and Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - Mercy Killing.

  • Mars' moon Deimos mayor was, and presumably still is, Derp.
  • All robots are apparently governed by a mayor.  A41397X442 was the mayor of robots, before he was shot and killed by Mercy Laredo after contracting Pinocchiosis.  The current mayor of robots is unknown.
  • There are many other mayors, enough for an entire retreat based around exchanging ideas about mayoring, but who they are and who they govern is unknown.