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Before The Thrilling Adventure Hour was a live show performed at Largo and became a podcast, The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour was performed at M Bar and not released for public consumption.

A script from early in the M Bar run.[1]

When the show was moved to Largo from M Bar, the ongoing storyline of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars was reset, and certain scripts for many segments were revisited, polished and re-used in the live show.  In addition, it was with this move that the show was recorded and released as a podcast.[2]

According to a tweet[3] and post[4] post by Ben Blacker's wife in July of 2014, several live recordings of early M Bar performances have been found. Per the official Thrilling Adventure Hour Twitter[5], there are yet-unnamed plans for these recordings.

M Bar episodes are considered non-canonical (or perhaps more accurately, their own separate canon) from the current podcast canon. In addition, there were several segments which were performed at M Bar which have been discontinued, or, at very least, have not seen again in the live show and/or the podcast.

Known M Bar Segments

Carried Over

M Bar Only