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The Lynchtree family are a family of humans in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

The known members are:

All known named Lynchtree members are siblings, though they have spoken of their Ma and Pa, who have yet to be named.


The Lynchtree family live in or near town on Mars.  

In Inside Out in Outer Space, they find Sparks Nevada and Croach the Tracker who had just stopped Professor Genius and Adjunct Professor Genius for invading Mars flyspace without a permit. 

The Lynchtrees brought a rope, which eventually they tie into a noose, in order to find some martians to string up and hang.  Despite claiming that ignorance of the law means it don't apply, Sparks informs them that's exactly how the law does not work. Sparks informs the Lynchtrees that he will jail them if they attempt to hurt Croach or any other martian, as there are six statues against harming martians.

The Science Beings decide to use the Inversification Ray upon the Lynchtrees in order to study the results of the ray upon human females.  When they shoot at the Lynchtrees, Croach selflessly jumps in front of the ray and is turned inside out. Sparks tells the Lynchtrees to disperse, as they're taking the law into their own hands by forming a martian-lynching possee.  Sparks suggests that they turn into a helpful possee instead of an angry one, and suggests they go whitewash The Widow Johnson's fence.  The Lynchtrees agree, and leave.

In Wild, Wild Quest, Jindlefer is engaged to Kevin, who attempts to murder Sparks because Sparks had just killed his entire extended family as part of a ritual with the Red Plains Rider. Raythum then arrives to try to stop the marriage. Raythum, however, ends up shooting Red (who is able to heal because she has just received Nah Nohtek) and is arrested by Sparks. Jindlefer then informs Raythum that she still plans to marry Kevin.

TAH Live

Inside Out in Outer Space was performed with some alterations in The Thrilling Adventure Hour Live Youtube Show #4. During this performance, the Lynchtree family were renamed to the Bristleschmidt family, and other aspects of their speech and desire to harm martians were softened. The character of Jilm did not appear in this performance as well.