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Living Mannequins are mannequins who have been given life by a combination of trying and wishing, and stay alive by performing a yearly ritual sacrifice (see 'Dummies Night' below). As with ordinary mannequins, living mannequins do not blink or bend or breathe.

Living mannequins can be weakened by mannequin's bane (oregano), and killed by drawing 'X's over their eyes.

Humans can be transformed into and out of being a mannequin by magic. Living mannequins can become human via the power of true love.

Dummies Night

One night per year the Dummies Moon rises, and living mannequins take to the streets to go on a spree of thrill killing (most commonly by tearing people’s arms and legs off) Although this started as a ritual to their dark god, this night has become more celebratory in nature to living mannequins.

Notable Living Mannequins

  • Terry
  • Pat
  • Bess
  • Gerald