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Ensign Lewis Bambrill as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Ensign Lewis Bambrill is a character in Tales of the United Solar System Alliance, a part of the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe.   He is played by Colin Hanks.


Ensign Bambrill was a crewman on the USSA vessels Olivia and Orsino under the command of Captain Gene Peeples.  He was involved in a romantic relationship with the Captain's daughter Erica. Though he tended to be panicky, when the ship was compromised and had to be abandoned, Ensign Bambrill rose to occasion and helped evacuate the crew.

Bambrill joined Peeples and Erica onboard the Olivia and was present when the ship was overtaken by MurderMen. According to Captain Peeples, Bambrill was first among the crew to use an escape pod, which Peeples interpreted as cowardice. Erica, more charitably, considered it sensible.

Ensign's Bambrill's fate (and his response to the death of Erica) is unknown.