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Lairn Gar'ner is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by Timothy Omundson.


Lairn Gar'ner is a human born and raised on Mars, who, as an adult, decided to run for mayor on the platform of "Keep Mars Martian".  He believes that only people born on Mars, no matter their race, belong on Mars and wishes to eject anyone born offworld into space.

As his platform was extremely unpopular, Lairn bought a language shifter and had his cousin, a mad scientist, modify it to mass mind control people. The device worked better on people born on Mars, and did not work at all on those born on Earth. He used the device to first mind control the Barkeep, steal The Force Galactic, and make the Barkeep undo himself. He then went on to mind control most of the population of town, including The Saloon Doors and Croach the Tracker, and call for a special mayoral election to be voted into office.

He attempted to mind control Sparks Nevada, but it did not work. Sparks instead invoked onus to break Croach free of mind control, grab the language shifter, and proceeded to us it to mind control Lairn instead. He ordered Lairn to bring back the Barkeep, then return The Force Galactic. Lairn was then arrested and jailed for his mind-control crimes.

Lairn mentions having been in jail before, but does not specify why he was jailed.