Ladies and Skeleton

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Ladies and Skeleton is an segment of Beyond Belief that is part of A Halloween Beyond Belief.


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Frank and Sadie's afternoon is disturbed by a knocking from their bedroom door. It's Catherine, Frank's long-dead first love. She explains that she has been trying to return ever since she was killed by a Calaca, but had been held captive. If she receives true love's kiss (from Frank), she will become a human mortal again.

Although Sadie is encouraging, Frank hesitates. The Calaca returns, having followed Catherine. After it threatens to kill both Catherine and Sadie, Frank shoots it with Checkov's gun.

The episode concludes with Spooky Hal, Frank and Sadie singing the reprise of A Nightmare Beyond Belief.

Quotable Lines

Frank: Typical! Every time we decide to do a thing, or as it more often the case, to do exactly nothing, there is a knock on the front door and someone wants us to decide to do something else, or something respectively.
Sadie: Frank that knock did not come from the front door, but rather from the bedroom door.
Frank: Less typical. Sadie, did we have company? And, if so, did we misplace him or her? And, if so, how do you suppose he or she wound up in the bedroom?
Frank: Checkov's gun - perhaps I should have mentioned it earlier.


Clink count: 4


This segment is a part of A Halloween Beyond Belief, the 143rd of the Thrilling Adventure Hour that also included Son of Beyond Belief.


This episode was recorded at Largo on October 30, 2014 and released on November 21, 2013.

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