Jumbo the Elephant Saves Easter!

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 Jumbo the Elephant Saves Easter! is an episode of Jumbo the Elephant.


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In this story intended for everyone age 7 and under, Wyatt the Rabbit announces that Easter has been canceled. Mr. Passover had spent many years plotting to have Easter and Passover fall on the same day, and it happened this year. In a song Mr. Passover reveals that he plans to take over not just Easter, but every holiday of the calendar year.

Jumbo declares that nobody messes with Easter. He directs the All Animal Jazz Combo and they played dueling music with Mr. Passover. By the end of the duel, the Passover Band and Wyatt's All Animal Jazz Combo had played equally well. Jumbo announces that rather than "winner take all", the outcome would be "winner take some" and that Passover would be celebrated with each holiday, beginning with Pass-Easter. In celebration, Jumbo sings a song about jelly beans, because he loves them.


This is the 66th episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The prior episode is Showdown, You Move Too Fast and the next episode is Disenchantment Under the Sea. Before the next episode is a special episode, A public service announcement from Jumbo the Elephant (TAH #66.5). The prior episode in Jumbo canon is #52, Jumbo Saves Christmas, as part of Christmas on Mars.


The episode was recorded on May 7, 2011 at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, California. It was released on April 9, 2012.

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