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Jumbo Saves Christmas is an episode of Jumbo the Elephant.


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Quincy the Talking Palm Tree announces that Jumbo has been distracted of late. It is Christmas Eve, and all he wants is a white Christmas. But this isn't likely to happen because of the subtropical climate in Florida; this troubles Jumbo so much that he can't play his trunk well.

Wyatt the Rabbit empathizes with dreams not coming true and reveals that he always wanted to be a refrigerator repairman, but didn't because rabbits are meant to lead All Animal Jazz Combos. Instead, Wyatt fixes refrigerators in his spare time. His favorite thing is to make a '58 Cadillac El Dorado idle at 36 degrees.

Jumbo didn't give up on his dream of a white Christmas. He wished upon stars, palm trees, and even clouds. He directs his wishes toward one cloud, Cloudly C. Cloud, who says that all clouds really want to snow. He and Another cloud, Cloudio, sing a song about snow, then mention that they are full of precipitation. Jumbo suggests that the clouds just snow out their precipitation, but the clouds explain that they can't because with the climate as is, they'd just rain (and clouds hate rain because it hurts). Oh, if only it were the right temperature for snow...

Jumbo recruits Wyatt to use his refrigerator repairman skills to bring the temperature down to 32 degrees while the clouds spread the word among their friends, and they all came to snow. However, there was so much snow that there was a blizzard and Santa Claus has trouble navigating around Florida. Jumbo, happy with this white Christmas, guides Santa by playing his trunk.


Jumbo lyrics are the same as here with the exception of the last stanza:

Christmas Eve he's booked in Boca
Muy caliente ain't no joke-a
But what's a Christmas without snow?
(J-U-M-B-O, Jumbo!)
Lyrics by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker with Andy Paley.


This episode is one of the segments in Christmas on Mars, the 52nd episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The prior episode is A Mind is a Terrible Thing... In Space! and the next episode is War of the World. The other episode in Jumbo canon is Jumbo the Elephant Saves Easter!.


The episode was recorded on December 4, 2010 at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, California. It was released on December 19, 2011.