Joyce Alvarez

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Joyce Alvarez is a character in Tales of the United Solar System Alliance, a part of the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe.  She is played by Alessandra Torressani.


Joyce Alvarez is a student at the United Solar System Alliance Space Academy.  She is a part of Gene Peeples group of students, along with Pemily Stallwark.

When Gene Peeples suggested that Alvarez get to know Pemily and befriend her, Joyce at first thinks Peeples is asking her to enact a Code Red against Pemily, but eventually comes to understand Peeples' intent is just friendship.  Alvarez then offers to take Creez, a visiting LizardMan ambassador from Planet 30, to his lecture, which Pemily is also attending.

When Creez reveals himself to be a terrorist saboteur, Joyce throws herself on top of Pemily to protect her from an explosion.  Pemily and Joyce then rush to Gene and Superintendent Hammler's side, who are both injured and trapped in rubble from another explosion.  Both Pemily and Joyce attempt to stop Creez, but fail, until Gene is able to secure a blaster from a gift Pemily gave him, and shoot Creez.

After they are freed, Gene ensures that both Pemily and Joyce are invited to Hammler's Christmas dinner, while Joyce subtly flirts with Gene.


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