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Jim Lyons is a character in War of Two Worlds, played by Mark Gagliardi. He is later played by Nathan Fillion in Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier and Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.


James "Jim" Lyons was a baseball player on Earth during the martian invasion of Earth in the 20th Century. He was married to a woman named Elizabeth and had a child named Jimmy Jr.

He appeared on a talk show on which he was heckled heavily by both the hosts and the other guests, gray-skinned martians.

He was later playing in what was probably going to be the final world series when he was again being heckled by martians.  He threw a bag of peanuts at them out of frustration, which triggered an allergic reaction that killed the martians.

Armed with the knowledge that nuts were fatal to aliens, the humans of Earth fought back against the martian invaders, and successfully drove them out.

At some point later, Jim Lyons became an astronaut.  He was put into Cryo-sleep when the instruments on his ship malfunctioned and he slept for about 500 years.

In the 26th century, Jim met a woman named Cynthia, married her, and had a son named Owen.  He continued his career as an astronaut. In the year 2522, he fell through a time-hole and landed on Mars in the early 31st century.

He then took on the name Cactoid Jim.  Please see the entry for Cactoid Jim for further information.


As Jim Lyons:

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