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The Jefferson Reid title banner as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

This page is about the segment of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. For the eponymous star, see Jefferson Reid.

Jefferson Reid, Ace American is a segment of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. It features super-soldier Jefferson Reid and his pals in the American Victory Commission as they battle Nazis during World War II.

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Theme Song lyrics

Jefferson Reid's theme song was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker, and Andy Paley.

Jefferson Reid, Jefferson Reid
Patriotic guardian of our nation
Jefferson Reid, Jefferson Reid
His very name is cause for celebration
When the evil axis powers puts us squarely in their sights
And every day looks darker than all the darkest night
With American might and the vigor of right he'll shroud you in liberty's light
He'll never give up the fight, he's Jefferson Reid!


  • Information about this segment's M Bar run may be found at M Bar Jefferson Reid, Ace American.
  • Once Fillion began regularly playing Cactoid Jim during the Largo era, Jefferson Reid did not reappear for several years because the Bens found they always wanted to use Cactoid's character when Nathan was available to be in the show.  Finally, in September 2014, Fillion guest starred again as both Cactoid Jim and Jefferson Reid in a Largo show with episodes of Sparks Nevada, Jefferson Reid, Beyond Belief and a second middle segment.