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Jefferson Reid as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Jefferson Reid is the star of Jefferson Reid, Ace American. He is played by Nathan Fillion.


He is a Nazi-smashing super soldier for the American Victory Commission and is currently dating Abby Adams.  Little is known about the origins of Jefferson Reid. What is known that he is as American as Mom's Apple Pie and the crack of a bat at a baseball game.  

In the first Jefferson Reid episode, Reid leaves a baseball game to rescue his best gal, Abby Adams from the dungeon of a Nazi scientiest.  He uses patriotism to remind the recently mutated Brownie Finn where his true loyalties lie and turns Brownie back to his side. Sadly, after battling several Nazis, Brownie sacrificed himself so Jefferson Reid could live. Despite his sadness over the loss of his sidekick, Jefferson recovered to report the loss to Rex Flagwell and take Abby out to a baseball game that night.

He takes over for Rex Flagwell when he becomes to emotional at Brownie Finn's funeral in Ace and Mr. President and sheds a tear himself.  Jefferson then introduces his new sidekick, Pal Sawyer.  After Agent Harrington reports that there's a Nazi spy at the funeral, they find Pal Sawyer had kidnapped FDR in the confusion afterward. By the time Jefferson and Abby arrive to save FDR, he had already been brainwashed. The headmistress of the home where Jefferson and Pal had both been raised, Mrs. B., had been a Nazi spy all along, and speaks a code word that activates Jefferson's brainwashing.

Abby is able to remind Jefferson of all things American and break his brainwashing. He then guns down Mrs. B., and is forced to kill Pal Sawyer who cannot overcome his own brainwashing. After saving FDR, he and Abby head off for a date to see the DC Cherry Blossoms before their next assignment.