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The Inversification Ray‏‎ is a science gun in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.


The Inversification Ray‏‎ is sometimes also called the Inversifier, Reversification Ray, Reversifier or the Inside Outing Gun.  

It was created by Professor Genius, a Science Being.

The gun reverifies the relationship of outsides to insides... for science!  People can survive being inside-outed for a short amount of time, perhaps several hours with aid.  The gun also has a reverse setting for reversing the effect and making people rightside-in again.

The gun was first used against Croach the Tracker, who jumped in front of the ray, which was being shot at the Lynchtree Family by Professor Genius.  Genius wanted to study the effects of the ray on humans.  Instead, Croach spent several moments being inside-outed until his Nah Nohtek caused him to heal and be rightside-ined again.

Professor Genius later uses the ray against The Halley’s Comet Gang to inside-out their force field, allowing Sparks Nevada, Professor Genius, The Red Plains Rider and Lycos Bill to destroy the gang. The Inversification Ray was then stolen by Lycos Bill, who Inversifies Sparks Nevada and rode off.

Red and Croach then pursued Bill to The Caves of Zzyzzx, where Bill had inside-outed the caves in order to find the Spider's treasure. He inside-outed several spiders before being swarmed and killed by then. Croach waded into the spiders in order to retrieve and throw the gun at Red, and was then carried off into the caves, which had been rightside-inned. Red used the gun to save Sparks, and then she and Sparks returned to the caves to save Croach.

By the time they arrived, Croach had already been implanted with giant spider's eggs and would soon die when the eggs hatched. Rather than let Croach die, Sparks instructed Red to use the Inversification Ray on Croach. She then stomped all of the eggs which had once been inside of him before setting Croach rightside-in again.