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An interview with Frank and Sadie Doyle, conducted by the 'This American Wife' podcast. It is the 9th episode of Beyond Belief and the 39th episode of Thrilling Adventure Hour.


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Guest Stars

  • Robert Segel - Eric Martin
  • Melissa Block - Jen Goldberg


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Frank: The dark time ended when I met this one. The best that’s ever happened to me. It was love at first sight! And then I took a second look at her. And guess what? Even more love! And more with every look, then to now.


Frank: Bobo had been holding phony seances for trust fund kids looking for a thrill. He brought Sadie to one, and her natural sensitivity turned a fraudulent seance into a real affair. A particularly nasty specter came through and needed me to put it’s lights out.

Sadie: I dare say Frank cut a dashing figure, mysterious and powerful, whilst most were running about hysterically.

Frank: You weren’t running about.

Sadie: I believe I forgot to.

Frank: You were lovely in the candlelight.

Sadie: You pushed that specter back into the ouija board from whence it came.

Frank: And you said thank you, and that was it for me.

Sadie: And I was already a goner, nought was left but to throw Bobo over for you.

Frank: Which you did directly. She took my hand.

Sadie: And never gave it back.

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