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The War of Two Worlds

How Boring is Baseball? is an episode of the War of Two Worlds.


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Although the aliens have appeared in our skies, they have not yet made contact. All of humanity is waiting by their televisions for news of what's going on.

Centerfielder Jim Lyons tells a talk show host all about the night aliens interrupted their baseball game. He almost missed a pop fly because of a spaceship, then beams shone down on them. They decided to keep playing baseball. The hosts ridicule Lyons for this. Lyons says he has built a bunker under his house with all his baseball money and will hide out there, and the hosts are not invited.

Two martians enter the studio, and the hosts thank them for their imminent destruction. The hosts say that the aliens look like loogies, and everyone including the martians continue to ridicule Lyons. It's first hinted at that the aliens might want to eat the humans, but at first claim that they come in peace. In the end, the martians outright say they want to eat humans and set fire to the planet, then colonize it once all humans are dead.



This is the 75th episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The prior episode is Hypercattle Overdrive and the next episode is Djinn and Tonic. The prior episode in War of Two Worlds canon is #69, Welcome to High Water, and the next is #77, The People's President.


This episode was recorded in studio as a co-production with Superego and released on both podcasts' feeds on June 11, 2012.