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The Hobo Dracula is a character in Down in Moonshine Holler.  


The Hobo Dracula is Gummy's sworn, most fearsome enemy, despite Banjo insisting the Hobo Dracula doesn't exist. Gummy always carries garlic in his socks in case he should meet the Hobo Dracula. Gummy thinks Stacy Buckets was killed by the Hobo Dracula, but Banjo reminds Gummy Stacy Buckets sneezed herself to death outside a pepper factory. It is later learned that Stacy Buckets is alive and well.

The Hobo Dracula finally appears in The Final Moonshine Holler, played by Mark Gagliardi. He says that he was a baseball umpire from Pennsylvania prior to being a hobo, but other hobos misunderstood him to being an actual vampire.