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Harold of the Galaxium is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by Bradley Whitford.


Harold of the Galaxium is a mortal representative of The Galaxium who has been given a small measure of The Force Galactic in order to exact their will. He works in the sector of space that in which Mars is located.

Harold was sent to Mars to collect the Barkeep's Force Galactic, which he kept after using it to save the universe from annihilation in Good Jim. Harold was to temporarily bestow The Force Galactic on one of Mars' greatest heroes -- Sparks Nevada, Croach the Tracker, The Red Plains Rider or Ginny West to stop a planet-destroying threat. While the heroes debated who should get the powers, the Barkeep dealt with Keith Gonzalez, the Worldivore, who was a former representative of the Galaxium who accidentally acquired a full measure of Force Galactic.

Harold took both V'stalu's powers back from the Barkeep, as well as Keith Gonzalez's, but before he left Mars, he had a space rotgut at the Space Saloon.

After leaving the Space Saloon, Harold encountered Chesh Glutterfane, who quickly shot and killed Harold before Harold could respond. Chesh took Harold's suitcase, and thus gained control of two portions of The Force Galactic.




  • Harold's catchphrase, "Walk with me", is a reference to actor Bradley Whitford's role on the television show The West Wing, which popularized the "walk and talk" scene.