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Gummy as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Gummy is a central character in Down in Moonshine Holler . He is played by Hal Lublin.


Gummy is Banjo Bindlestuff Hobo Mentor and one of the two stars of Down in Moonshine Holler.  

It is unclear how he and Banjo met. He was either assigned the role of Mentor by Alexander the Great, the Hobo King ("not the one from history") or helped Banjo meet Alexander the Great.

In either case, Gummy takes his role as Mentor seriously and does his best to teach Banjo the Hobo Way. Gummy is good hearted with a love of beans and apple pie, but is quick to suggest the shiv as the solution for any problem he can't run from. 

Gummy does not have a surname, as he lost it in a poker game to Helen of Troy of Sheboygan.

His arch enemy is The Hobo Dracula.

He often uses "Apple pie!" as a exclamatory interjection.

Gummy's best friend is named Shifty, and Gummy trusts him implicitly.


In (Ep #102) Behind the Scenes of TAH, it was revealed that Gummy came out of messing around in rehearsal when Hal Lublin was impersonating Rochester from the Jack Benny Program.


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