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Gree Skookum is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. She is played by Toni Trucks.


Gree Skookum is a teenaged human and resident of Zone One of Earth's Moon. Gree was in training to be a Punishment Soccer player before Cactoid Jim disbanded Punishment Soccer and the Deathletics the year before Gree could enter. Unlike most Punishment Soccer players, Gree was looking forward to competing and was enthusiastic about getting to kill other players.

At some point thereafter, Gree joined the Little Buddies Foundation and was matched up with authorized bounty hunter Mercy Laredo as her Big Buddy. She traveled with Mercy for some time, learning the ins and outs of bounty hunting. When a dissatisfied Pinkertron customer placed a bounty on Troubleshooter Ginny West's head, during the Backgrounds and Practices check, Mercy learned that Ginny was dating Sparks Nevada, her former boyfriend. Mercy and Gree set a trap for Ginny, which involved trapping Sparks and The Red Plains Rider in the Marshal Station. Mercy eventually decided to kill Sparks in order to essentially try and get over him as she was still angry about being broke up with by him twice.

Gree told Mercy that ever since she realized Sparks was in the picture, Mercy had become obsessed and a lot less fun to work with. She convinced Mercy to get back to regular bounty hunting (and killing). Just as she did, Ginny had gotten all of their tech temporarily disabled and saved Sparks and Red's life. Gree and Mercy happily left to hunt their new bounty, the person who'd taken the bounty out on Ginny, as bounties are not allowed on Troubleshooters.

As Gree is from Earth's Moon, it's possible, but not mentioned, that Gree is a cyborg, as all Moon residents became cyborgs when Chicky Sullivan was Earth President and initiated a "recycling program" on the moon which converted all residents to cyborgs, as described in Moonfaker.