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Gork is a robot in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. Gork has been played by Craig Cackowski, Keegan-Michael Key, Steve Agee, and Kevin Murphy in Emperor of Mars. In Custard's Last Stand and Die Hardware, he is played by Craig Cackowski.


In Emperor of Mars, Gork arrives on Mars with Emperor Yessel, who gives him directives (initially, his directive is "we come in peace," though he has trouble remembering it). When Yessel refuses to leave the planet at Sparks Nevada's direction, Gork follows Yessel's command and kills Bill Clover. When Yessel attempts to sic Gork on Sparks, Sparks kills Yessel and then gives Gork a new directive to be Sheriff in Bill Clover's place.

In Custard's Last Stand, Gork appears to have entered a relationship with two other robots, Iron Ron and Aver-E. The three robots are raising a human baby together. The baby girl's origins are unknown, but Sparks is confident that the child was found via legal means, as it would be against Gork's programming to do otherwise. Gork confesses that he stress eats gelato to soothe his fears that something will happen to him on his job and he will no longer be there for his daughter.

The realization of this causes Gork to form emotions. For a short time, he fears Troubleshooter Ginny West is going to hard reboot him, causing him to lose his memories and emotions, but instead, Ginny updates the Troubleshooter database with the information that X2981 robots are able to form stable emotions, instead.

In Die Hardware,Gork arrives to assist The Red Plains Rider and Croach the Tracker in foiling Billy the Bot's attempt to rob Sparks Nevada's hardware store. Croach inquires as to how his baby daughter is doing, and Gork shows them several holoprojections of her. When Croach and Red speak about how their tribe expects them to have a child soon, Gork advises them to wait until they're ready, but when the child arrives all they need to do is love it and change a lot of diapers.


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