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The Glass Robots are characters in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  They are played by Annie Savage, Bill Corbett, and Mark McConville


The glass robots were invented by Nikolai Nikola in order to bypass the metal detectors and metal deflectors guarding Alvina T. Ardison.  Nikola designed the robots to kill Ardison in revenge for stealing the plans for the Robot Fists. Although beautiful, the glass robots are also extremely timid and fragile.

  • Glass Robot 0, played by Annie Savage, is the smallest.
  • Glass Robot 1, played by Bill Corbett, is medium-sized.
  • Glass Robot 2, played by Mark McConville, is the largest.

Before Robot 2 was able to reach Ardison to attack her, Sparks Nevada was able to get Ardison to confess that she did steal the robot fist specs, which caused Nikola to call off the attack, and thus the robots lived.