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Ghosts are made of pure ego. Their feelings shape their form, and often how they felt in life becomes their literal shape in the afterlife. Reconciling with those they had conflict with in life can be the impetus for spirits to move on into the afterlife.

A spirit decides what afterlife it will go to based on what it thinks it deserves.

Ghosts have poor memories, and some may not even realise that they are ghosts.

Summoning a Ghost

A ghost can be called to a seance with a ghost whistle, where it may be asked a series of yes or no questions. After 10 'no' answers, the spirit is released. If the terms of the seance are violated, it turns into a haunting.

Seances can be violated by asking the ghost non-yes or no questions, or by breaking the joined hands of those in the seance.

Signs of a Haunting

A haunting could be anything from slight mischief to sinister doings.

Signs of a haunting couple include the room always being cold, objects being moved around (such as dolls all facing the same way, or chairs and tables stacked on top of one another), the feeling of being watched, or floating objects.


A ghost's abilities and effect on the mortal world depend on the strength of the ghost's ego.

Ghosts may be able to move objects around the room, or effect the structure of the house itself (such as moving doors and windows).

Ghosts can take any form they desire, whether that be a green light or their childhood self.

Notable Ghosts