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Fun and Whimsy! is an episode featuring the Algonquin Four as part of what is informally known as The Chronopatrol Universe.

Fun and Whimsy![1]


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On a day like any other, The Algonquin Four are sitting at their famed round table in the Algonquin Hotel sipping soups and trading barbs when the hotel begins to shimmer and change. K of the Cosmos arrives, introducing himself in his usual manner, as an omnipotent incorporeal being with a name so complicated you would literally spend the rest of your life saying it. Dorothy Parker attempts to smash K, but it just tickles him.

K explains that he's a tourist who not only loves inter-chronal extra-solar tourism, but whimsy and messing with the lives of Earth's greatest heroes.

K turns the round table into a bunch of crocodiles, which Dorothy is really scared of. The other heroes try to stop the crocodiles until Robert Benchley burns them. K turns the crocs back into a table, which is on fire until they put it out. The Four offer to join K in their fun and whimsy together, but K rejects their offer as it's more fun for him to mess with them, instead, and forces the four to tap dance.

Dorothy asks why K is doing this to them, and K says it's because he's bored. He's seen the entire universe as it's meant to be seen and now wants to see it as it was never meant to be seen. Dorothy presses him, asking why, and K reveals it's mostly because he's lonely, as there's no one like him. Dorothy reminds him that there's no one like anyone.

K becomes bored of the four's tap dancing, and forces them to become ballerinas instead. Benchley, fed up, says there's must be a way to get K to leave. K says he will leave if the four can trick him into saying something he's never said before. K then realizes that he's never asked anyone to trick him into saying something he's never said before, and thus he's already vanquished. K banishes himself himself until he tricks someone into getting him to say something he's already said, and then he'll be back.

K leaves, but promises he'll return.




This episode was recorded on November 2, 2013 at Largo at the Coronet. It was released on December 9, 2013.