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Frank Doyle as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Frank Doyle (Paul F. Tompkins), is married to Sadie Doyle. He is a drunk, and a former exorcist turned medium. Of the couple, he is less interested in socializing and helping others, though he can be convinced. He has a fondness for auctions and purchasing unusual artifacts such as Occam's Razor and Chekhov's Gun.

Frank physically resembles Paul F. Tompkins in most descriptions and artwork, which is to say that he is stunningly gorgeous. He also has a "large swath of white hair" above his right ear, after a dream involving Nightmares the Clown frightened him. 

Due to his interest in auctions, Frank subscribes to Auctioning Weekly.

His safe word is 'potatoes.'

Friends and Associates

Hobbies (besides drinking)

  • auctions (and the collection of occult artifacts)
  • cocktail mixing
  • gossip about archaeologists (although he has no interest in archaeology itself)

Dark History

At a young age, Frank confronted a nightmarish clown monster in his small Maine hometown of Bayport. He and his friend Howie Schroeder betrayed their friend Peter to save themselves. This drove Frank to drink early in life.

As a teenager, Frank was taken in by the church and taught to perform exorcisms. Though he was skilled, he was embittered by the experience (and by whatever happened to his first love Catherine) and struck out on his own.

He later made a name for himself in supernatural circles with his partners Pterodactyl Jones and Red Wolf Mendles. The group later disbanded for unknown (but possibly tragic) reasons. After that, Frank spent a year or two drinking himself into a stupor and picking fights with more ghosts than deserved it, until he met Sadie Parker.

Frank has been arrested, but it is unknown what for (the Wits Crossover).

During his youth he was transformed into a living mannequin for a week after he lost a bet with a wizard. While a mannequin, Frank wore athletic gear.


Frank and Sadie met at a séance gone wrong. Sadie's boyfriend at the time, Bobo Brubaker, was an occult conman holding scam seances, but Sadie's presence (and her natural spiritual sensitivity) unleashed a powerful entity. Frank showed up to banish the spirit. Their eyes met. It was love at first sight.

They have been together ever since.  

These events were first recounted in the This American Wife interview with Frank and Sadie, and then later seen in A Spirited Romance.

Frank has also said that Sadie is his hero (the Wits Crossover).


When chastising each other, Frank and Sadie often use different middle names for each other. Sadie does this more often than Frank. Examples:

Sadie has also affectionately addressed Frank as "Frankenstein," to which he responds by calling her "Sadistic."

Per Ben Blacker, when asked about Frank's full name, "It's just Frank, actually. Sadie just calls him "Franklin" as a pet name."

Original Story

The original story for Frank and Sadie Doyle is much different than their current happy status.  Ben Acker relayed the original plot on tumblr.

"In the pilot, Frank drank and drank in order to die and be with Sadie. Sadie insisted it wouldn’t necessarily work and he needed to LIVE, not die and let her go. Frank met someone in the pilot - a gonzo attorney figure - who had the potential to help him go on living and that chance gave Sadie (whose name in the pilot was Mrs. Gemma Geist) the opportunity to move on."


There is a Rye-based cocktail named after Frank that was created by Adam Rogers. The recipe is available here.

M Bar

During the M Bar era, Frank was played for a time by Currie Graham.[1] This was necessary as a result of Paul F. Tompkins' move to New York to film Best Week Ever.


Non-Canonical Appearances