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Fondal is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  She is played by Melanie Lynskey.


Fondal is a Pleasure Being  from the Violens Nebula.  She was sent to The Troubleshooter (Harriet Alcott-Jiminy) and The Barkeep's (Mordecai Benmont Jiminy) home in order to kill the Troubleshooter.  As the Pleasure Beings are an offshoot of the MurderMen, the Pleasure Beings were attempting to kill all those involved with curing the MurderMan virus.  

Although Fondal was able to successfully infect The Red Plains Rider and Croach the Tracker, Fondal was defeated when she did not realize that Troubleshooter's anti-nanite patches would protect them from the virus.  She allowed Harriet to cuddle up with her, and then Harriet was able to zap Fondal's powers away from her.  Fondal returned to her home in the Violens Nebula.


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