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Fan Q&A from San Diego Comic Con is a panel episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.


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  • How is it working with Welcome to Night Vale for the second time, especially now that the show has gotten bigger?
  • Do you see Welcome to Night Vale wading into other areas like TAH has with the Original Graphic Novel? 
  • Why is there only one show at San Diego Comic Con in 2014?
  • Are there going to be any more special shows (like a Halloween episode)?
  • If you could have any fictional character appear in an episode, who would you choose?
  • How are the scripts written? Do the actors have any input?
  • How does the podcast recording at a live show compare to voiceover work?
    • Does the glut of guest stars bring extra energy to the shows?
  • Have you worked out the story arc that would end Sparks Nevada?


  • This Q&A took place at the Spreckles Theater shortly before the crossover episode with Welcome to Night Vale.



This episode was recorded at the Spreckles Theater at San Diego Comic Con on July 26th, 2014 and released September 8th 2014.