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Error Message Jane is a robot in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  She is played by Jenny Slate.


Error Message Jane lived in town while Techs was marshal on Mars.  She hocked her boots in order to buy her way into a poker game at O'Toole's, because a tree told her to.  At that game, she won the marshal's badge from Steve 3PO, along with enough money to buy her way into the Galactic Poker Championship.  Robart had sold the badge to Steve in order to buy Jane's boots back for her.  Robart then offered a ride to Jane to the poker championship.

Before leaving, she gave the marshal's badge back to Sparks Nevada, restoring him as marshal on Mars.

Error Message Jane has a glitchy CPU, which makes her act erratically.  The Red Plains Rider says Jane shoots really fast, possibly the fastest shooting she'd ever seen.