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Emperor Yessel is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  They have been played by Karen Gillan, Jorge Garcia, Rider Strong and Cecil Baldwin.

Because Yessel has been played as both male and female, gender-neutral pronouns will be used.


Emperor Yessel is an alien of unknown origin, however, they look similar to a human.  Their discerning characteristics are the silver turtleneck-pants jumpsuit they wear, and the flying saucer in which they fly.

Yessel came to Mars in order to declare themself as Emperor and rule it with help from their robot, Gork.  Yessel landed in the Marshal Station's blue zone and was greeted by Sparks Nevada, Croach the Tracker and Bill Clover.  Yessel ordered Gork to shoot and kill Bill when Bill was encouraged to arrest Yessel by Sparks Nevada.  They then ordered Sparks and Croach to work out their interpersonal drama for their amusement.

After accepting a ticket from Croach for parking in The Marshal Station's blue zone, but not accepting Sparks'  orders to surrender and be arrested for landing on Mars without permission and killing Bill Clover, Yessel was on the cusp of ordering Gork to kill Sparks Nevada when Sparks shot and killed Yessel instead.